Working at Hewlett Packard: HP job Offers


Working at Hewlett Packard: HP job Offers

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Founded in 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard, hence its name, Hewlett-Packard, more commonly known as HP, is one of the leading companies in the global technology market, which manufactures and markets hardware and software. If you want to work at HP, you should know that it has 349,600 employees in 170 countries of the world, according to United States Securitues and Exchange Commission, you could be one of the group.

It is possible to work at Hewlett Packard in any other part of the world. Job offers at Hewlett Packard there’s no shortage. HP is looking for people who are able to work as a team, collaborate with people from different backgrounds and nationalities and commit themselves to constant innovation, with the free exchange of ideas. The conditions you must meet if you want to work in HP are these previous, and that is that Hewlett Packard is characterized by its creativity in the information technology industry, as commented on their website, go far beyond the simple application of hardware and Software.

The job offers in HP in Spain are not limited to the requirements of being an experienced professional in computer engineering or in a similar field. For young people who want to start their professional career with HP’s hand they have it at their fingertips, even easier at the international level thanks to the programs for students and graduates. There are two types of programs:

-Intership Program: Collaboration program with universities in Spain, to complement the training of the students. There are two possibilities to participate in this program: part time Intership or Full time intership. This program also takes people with disabilities into account.

-Graduate program: Graduates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have the opportunity to participate in the program that lasts 18 months and covers areas such as project management, marketing, business development, sales or engineering. In this modality you will also find the HP University.

If you want to find the job offers on HP around the world check out the HP website

With regard to the salary perceived by a worker of the multinational technology, according to data collected from Glassdoor, the average salary of a Software designer is $111.667 and a business analyst perceives $77.608. This is essential information when it comes to assessing the conditions of job offers.

As previously stated, job offers in a large company like HP are many. To find and be able to work at Hewlett Packard, consult the company’s job search page directly